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Hydrogen Electric Racing


“Our mission is to promote fuel cell technology by educating our own team members and the general public, inspiring industries to use this technology. By designing and building high performance hydrogen race cars, we demonstrate the potential and applications of this technology, and innovate utilizing existing technologies to speed up its popularization.”


“We believe that hydrogen technology will power our lives. We are convinced that hydrogen-powered vehicles will overtake combustion-engine cars in the future and are an essential addition to battery powered cars. As pioneers in hydrogen racing technology, we aim to be a serious contender for high-tech petrol racing cars, proving that this technology is reliable, feasible and exciting for the future we envision.”

Year goal:

“The year goal of Forze is to win the sport class of the Supercar Challenge on the Gamma Racing Day 2017.”



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Our main sponsor is looking for you!   Working at PitPoint means working for a cleaner future of transportation. By producing cleaner fuels and making these available, PitPoint can attain a cleaner air…


Forze at Green DRIVE Project Conference in Antwerp

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Forze is invited to speak! Friday, we will be at the Green DRIVE Project Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, to talk about tomorrow’s racecars. This conference brings people together from Industry and…



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Are you up to the challenge?   Are you looking for an awesome and unique experience while studying? Are you hands-on, motivated and a fast learner? Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing…


Board X

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Introducing Board X Last week, all TU Delft students began or continued their studies. Last week was also the first week for Board X at Forze Hydrogen Racing, and it has been an exciting one….

Hydrogen Power

In a conventional road car, the energy that is stored in a fuel is converted to mechanical energy by using the principle of combustion. The Forze cars however, utilize a different and far more efficient concept. The fuel cell on board the vehicles converts the energy stored in its fuel, the hydrogen, to electric energy. This means that the hydrogen fuel cell system can be used to power an electric drivetrain, like a battery.

Emission: 0 g CO2 


Long range (up to 500 km)

Suitable for heavy cars/buses

Filling up like a regular car

Reliability & Lifetime



Forze Hydrogen System

The fuel cell system in our car is developed by the team itself. At the center of the system lies a PEM fuel cell stack, in which the actual energy conversion takes place. Hydrogen gas from the vehicle’s tanks reacts with oxygen from the ambient air, producing electric power. The only exhaust product: pure water. Controlling and operating a fuel cell stack is a delicate process.

About Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a chemical element with symbol H and atomic number 1. Hydrogen is the lightest element and its monatomic form (H1) is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe. 75% of all the mass in the universe consists of hydrogen.

At standard temperature and pressure you cannot see, smell or taste hydrogen. It is a non-toxic, but highly combustible gas with the molecular formula H2.